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Backpack Picnic Baskets

Planning on making a long trek to somewhere beautiful?  Take one of our Backpack Picnic Baskets with you.  Just add food and drinks and you are good to go!
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Are you planning on making a long trek to somewhere beautiful? That is exactly what our Backpack Picnic Baskets were designed for. Simply add the food and beverages then go!

Hike down that trail you always wanted to. Find a good looking spot to have your picnic and listen to the song birds sing. You can go to the top of that mountain nearby and find the perfect overlook for that perfect scenery. What a view looking down to the valley below so far away. Can you see your house from here or did you choose a more isolated location? Either way our Backpack Picnic Baskets will take you there.

Another well-known picnic scene for Backpack Picnic Baskets is an open meadow full of wild flowers under a tall shady tree. These meadows can often times be out of the way but are well worth going to for a relaxing beautiful picnic. Be sure to stay under the tree to stay cool on the gorgeous hot summer day.

Maybe you have a secluded lake destination you and your friends or family like to go to. Swing from the tire swing into the water below. Show the kids how to skip rocks across the calm water.

Whether you are going hiking in the mountains, to a meadow of flowers, to have a day by the lake with the kids, or anywhere else at all. Anyplace where there is a lot of walking involved to get there Backpack Picnic Baskets are right for.